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The Believing Magic Series

  • Beyond The Edge
  • Midori -  Book 1 of the Traveler Series
  • Mims & Mila  - Books 2 & 3 Traveler Series
  • Frank Dobbs  - Seeking the Otherlands
  • A Girl Called Grace
  • The Gift
  • Cinderella, Cinderella
  • Milton Poe
    Melina May

About the Believing Magic Series: A group of teens have become part of a drug study for a genetic medicine that will help cure their acne, but the doctor running the study is using the program for his own reasons.  The Believing Magic Series is an epic, dark, modern fantasy, and an unforgettable journey into the science of fantasy, the origin of faith, and beyond to the darkest parts of the human heart and soul.  Though it may seem YA at the onset, know going in that the books are intended for new adult and older readers who enjoy dark, modern fantasy written in YA style. The books are NOT erotica or slasher horror, so if that's what your looking for - this isn't it. On the other hand, if you are looking for rainbows, unicorns and happy endings - or a fantasy that safely avoids religion or the grotesqueries of life - choose another title. Book one is quite long - 770 equiv pages, so if you prefer shorter reads, again - this series probably isn't for you. There are also lesbian characters that come into play toward the end of the book and remain dominant through the rest of the series, so if that is something you wish to avoid, do so now.

At this point you - dear reader - are in one of three 'pre read' states.  Either you've decided this book isn't what you're looking for, you've decided it's EXACTLY what you've been looking for, or you're undecided, but curious enough to push ahead.  For the curious and committed, I hope you enjoy the journey and your time in the world of Amen Hale.  contemporary fantasy books.  best dark fantasy books.  Books with lesbians.

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